Welcome: White Listing Instructions

Hello and thanks for subscribing to Spellbinding Marketing Systems™

To Ensure You Receive Your Exclusive Spellbinding Marketing Systems™ Subscriber Emails And Resources, there is one easy step you need to take that will ensure we are not blocked from your inbox or marked as “spam.” We also appreciate you taking this step as it does help us maintain a high quality emailer reputation.

The One And Only Easy Step:

  • Add @www.spellbindinglaunches.com to your Email White List. A “White List” is a list of people who you “accept” or “allow” emails from.


Why Is This Important?

Because unwanted emails, also known as “spam”, have become such a big problem, Internet Service Providers have put a blocking system in place that filters out what they think the “bad emails” are to make your inbox experience more enjoyable.

The system, however, is imperfect and sometimes emails are blocked from companies you have personally subscribed to. Even respectable companies such as Spellbinding Business School™ now have to go above and beyond to maintain a respectable emailer reputation, so that our emails successfully land in our subscribers inbox.

Follow These Instructions to Whitelist Us:

The steps to white list may vary by your email provider, however here are some instructions for the most widely used email providers:


Simply locate an email from jen@www.spellbindinglaunches.com and DRAG it into your “primary” tab. This will ensure that all of our future emails go to that primary folder.


Simply locate an email from jen@www.spellbindinglaunches.com. You will see a “+” symbol appear next to the “From” name when you open the email. Select this. An “Add to contacts” pop-up will then appear. Select “Save” and you’re done!


Simply select “Mail” and “Preferences” from the top menu. Then on the right hand side, choose “Rules.”

Click to “Add Rule” and on the next window, use the following settings for your rule: “If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains @www.spellbindinglaunches.com” “Move message to Inbox”. Click “Ok” to save the rule.


Simply find and RIGHT-CLICK an email from jen@www.spellbindinglaunches.com . In the drop down menu, select “Junk E-mail” and then click “Add Sender To Safe Senders List”

Other Email Providers

Instructions for other email providers may vary. Typically there is a “Settings” or “Spam Settings” tab where you can add a domain name (such as @www.spellbindinglaunches.com) to your “Safe List”. If you need additional help with this, please email support@www.spellbindinglaunches.com