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Where Magical Marketing Systems & Strategy for Your Next Launch are Brewed

Launch your next offer with ease and enchantment as our team conjures all of the potions and spells needed to keep the automation, tech, funnels, and systems magically flowing.

Despite your transformational power as a visionary business owner, no amount of waving that magic wand seems to make putting your offers out into the world as simply as you desire.

You and your team, while utterly spectacular at what you do, just can’t keep up with all of the moving pieces of a launch!

And who can blame you?

Launches are exhausting for even the most talented witches and wizards.

All of the backend, technical work combined with the strategy, systems, and management have you seeing stars (and not in a good way!).

That’s where Spellbinding Launches comes in!

Spellbinding Launches works with service-driven visionaries, like you, who are transforming the lives of their clients.

Using our special brand of magic, we help you launch your game-changing offers in a way that enhances your connections (both with your clients AND your team) and allows you to release the overwhelm and anxiety that comes with planning and running a successful launch.

After experiencing our tried and tested systems and strategies, you’ll wonder how you ever made it through a launch without us.

Our launch systems are not just about the technology and automations at Spellbinding Launches.

They’re about amplifying your message and mission to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships and connections to support your global impact.

Spellbinding Launches brews a magical blend of strategy, management, and implementation to create an unforgettable launch experience for your clients!

We also add a dash of proven holistic business models, a pinch of signature systems, a sprinkle of simple, streamlined, and effective marketing strategies, and a healthy dose of heart-centered tactics so you can take your business to new heights with each and every offer.


The magic ingredients that make Spellbinding Launches so uniquely powerful include that we are...


Mission Focused


Amplifying Your Impact


Growing Positive Outcomes


Inspiring Confidence


Coach and Course Creators’ Dream

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Finally ditch the overwhelm and burnout 

that launches bring for you and your team

and allow Spellbinding Launches  to help

you put your offer into the world with magical ease!

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Spellbinding Launches

Launches are fantastic (and often wild) beasts to tame in your business. And while they are necessary to bring people to your transformational offer, they are also a LOT of work that pulls you away from your other vital tasks. You need a trusted team of wizards to help you with the entire launch process from the strategy to management to implementation.

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Magical Management &

Launch Strategy

Your team is ready to tame the beast and take on the launch-related tasks themselves, but you sure could use a little direction and some expert oversight with this dragon. You need a wizard to help you map out your launch strategy. And also to manage your team and track your metrics along the way.

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Launch Strategy

Bringing in a team of wizards to manage or implement your launch just isn’t in the cards, but it would be super helpful to have a wizard whose broom flies high enough to give you a birds-eye view of the situation. You need help crafting a launch strategy and creating an actionable plan for you and your team to execute.


Hi, I'm Jen Levitz, your Headmistress.


I once lived the life of a Business Muggle, at times feeling powerless and wishing I could just take a quick broomstick ride to success. Until one day I discovered the magical blend that would change my business and life forever. Now today, I help other entrepreneurs brew their own special profit potions through the magic of launches!

As a life-long lover of learning, I take every opportunity to soak up knowledge that will improve the systems and operation of any business. That is my Ravenclaw soul shining through! The success of the businesses I work with is, and will always be, my number one priority and passion.

Learn more about my story and Spellbinding Launches here.


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Regina Thomashauer

“Collaborating with Jen has been pure magic. Her expertise in strategy and implementation has allowed our small but mighty team to weather multiple launches with ease. From one entrepreneur to another, you need this woman in your corner! Thanks to Jen’s marketing guidance, list-building support, and CRM management, we successfully transitioned our business model from in-person to virtual in the span of a year, and created a thriving online presence to boot. Unflappable, fluent in Ontraport, and an absolute pro on every level – Jen is an industry must-have, and the secret weapon every business needs! ”

Regina Thomashauer

Founder & CEO of the School of Womanly Arts

"If you want to have the best night of sleep in your life while launching your product, then you want Jen on your team. Because of Jen’s brilliance, every possible scenario that could happen for launching my membership site was taken care of without me having to worry about anything.

Dana Malstaff

CEO of BossMom
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