At Spellbinding Launches,

we believe in amplifying visions

by leveraging technology and marketing automation

to help coaches and course creators send

their magic out into the world.

At Spellbinding Launches, we believe in amplifying visions by leveraging technology and marketing automation to help coaches and course creators send their magic out into the world.

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We also know it takes more than just your core team to run a successful launch for your business.

As a visionary creative, when it comes time to launch your next big idea, it’s easy to get so focused on your offer that you ignore all of the other moving pieces that have to come together. Because those details are not what light you up.

But eventually, those pesky pieces catch up with you and overwhelm sets in for you AND your team.

You think that pouring your heart and soul into your offer and your potential clients will be enough to make your launch succeed, but the truth is - it is limiting you and holding back your business from success.


That’s where Spellbinding Launches come in.

We are a source for finding the holes in your launch plans, so together, we can create and implement the right strategies, content, and systems to launch your offer with less overwhelm, more ease, and yes, a bit of magic.

Every launch needs a Technology Wizard with a deep understanding of marketing strategies that will ultimately support your business and your clients!

We speak systems (and are especially fluent in Ontraport).

We believe in sending love and building connections.

We want to take the overwhelm and tedious work off your plate so you can best focus on serving your people as you launch your incredible offer out into the world!

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Meet your headmistress!

I’m Jen Levitz,

your customer-centered systems strategist and launch wizard.

With a bit of magic and years of experience working with top 7 & 8-figure information marketers and coaches, I help mission-driven, service-based entrepreneurs build solid business structures that are sustainable, scalable, and always customer-centric. Allowing my clients to serve more people, make more money, work fewer hours, and genuinely have more fun in their businesses.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been connected with the coaching industry both as a coach and a behind-the-scenes wizard of high-level coaches and online marketers. I have a deep passion for sharing what I’ve learned and for making my expertise available to fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs as they launch their transformative offers!

I believe that launches don't need to be overwhelming or impersonal. My goal is always to leverage the most efficient online technology and personalized strategies to create an enchanted experience for you and your clients where everything in your launch magically comes together — at least, it will feel like magic to you.


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LMC Certified Badge
Certified Email Marketing Specalist
Cerified Direct-Reponse Copywriting Specalist
Certified Custoemr Value Optimization Specialist
Certified Content Management Specialist
Certified Accountability Coach
Certified Facebook Groups Specialisth
Certified Business Model Breakthrough Coach
Certified Content Marketing Coach

Meet Our Team of Magic Makers


Jen Levitz

CEO & Tech Wizard

Julie Calcote

Julie Calcote

OBM & HR Wizard


Samantha Smith

Operations Wizard


Liezel Snyman

Sr Tech Wizard

Jennifer DeWitt

Jennifer DeWitt

Copywriting Wizard


Brittany Geisel

Web Design Wizard

Richelle Villalta

Richelle Villalta

Data & Metrics Wizard

Lupita Santana

Lupita Santana

Sr Tech Wizard

MacKenzie Needham

MacKenzie Needham

Project Manager Wizard

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