In case you do not receive a reminder for these dates via email, please make a mental or physical note that our company holiday calendar is as stated below:

– 2022 –


Jul 1-5: Company Off
Jul 18-22: Business Conference Jen - VERY limited availability


Aug 1-5: Jen - VERY limited availability


Sept 3-5: Company Off
Sept 14-16: Charfen Summit (Jen & Samantha - Out of Office)


Oct 21-30 1-5: Jen - VERY limited availability


Nov 7-11: Business Conference Jen - VERY limited availability
Nov 23-27: Company Off


Dec 23-31: Company Off

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I'm Jen!

Hi There! I'm Jen - the headmistress behind Spellbinding Marketing Systems. As a technology wizard and marketing strategist I support coaches and creatives in creating the right marketing strategies, sales funnels and client acquisition systems to scale your business. 

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