Policies: Members-Only Facebook Groups

We are excited to offer you an amazing community experience! Below are simple guidelines we ask you to honor when using this Facebook Group. These are to ensure that every post, share, and discussion here is in positive service of you and all of our program members. If you have any questions about the guidelines below or would like to report any post in violation of these guidelines, please contact our team at support@www.spellbindinglaunches.com

Please do not post:

  • Logins or passwords of secure information
  • Off topic, non‐relevant, excessive or “spam” about your business. PLEASE ASK BEFORE PROMOTING YOURSELF IN THE GROUP. This means no “Yes” ladders, no “Ask me Anythings”, no promotional content in this group. period. From time to time I will have opportunities for you to promote yourself. Wait for them ?
  • “Free” offer threads promoting pyramid type offers
  • Inbox solicitations to people you have “friended”
  • Copyright‐infringing material which you are not licensed or free to redistribute
  • “Offensive” posts, links, or images, including anything hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar, or in violation of local or international laws, or pertaining to illegal activities.
  • Anything attacking, degrading or insulting
  • Please do not share any personal contact information of any members outside the Groups without the owner’s permission.
  • Please do not speak poorly about other program members, pass judgement, or speak condescendingly. We are here to support each other.

You are welcome to:

  • ask for feedback and support
  • share exciting things that are happening for you (your #wins)
  • share things that have worked (or have not worked) for you
  • comment on people’s posts when they ask for help
  • Reach out to the members to get to know them better (and if THAT leads into sales conversations and members purchasing from each other, that’s ok by me)

Members who do not follow the guidelines above risk being removed from the group. Levitz Marketing LLC has the right at any time and without notice to edit, delete, move, or close any thread or post considered inappropriate and/or in violation of the Group guidelines. We’re confident that everyone has the best of intentions, and by following these simple guidelines everyone will have a positive experience here in this amazing community! These rules may change a bit moving forward so be sure to check this document if you’re ever unsure as to whether something is allowed.