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Junior Website Designer


Spellbinding Launches brews a magical blend of strategy, management, and implementation to create an unforgettable launch experience for our clients! We also add a dash of proven holistic business models, a pinch of signature systems, a sprinkle of simple, streamlined, and effective marketing strategies, and a healthy dose of heart-centered tactics so our clients can take your business to new heights with each and every offer.

The MAGIC ingredients that make Spellbinding Launches so uniquely powerful...

  • Mission-Focused
  • Amplifying Impact
  • Growing Positive Outcomes
  • Inspiring Confidence
  • Coach and Course Creators’ Dream

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Reports to: Project Manager/Ops Coordinator


Role Summary

The junior website designer will be responsible for making our and our client’s companies’ digital home and products shine. Not only will you be our in-house website wizard, you will make the digital magic happen. You will be responsible for what our users experience every time they visit our website and online offers — from content to presentation to behavior.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Partner with our clients’ existing web development agencies (external)
  • Develop highly functional and visually appealing web experience based on usability
  • Provide website maintenance and enhancements
  • Write functional requirement documents and specifications
  • Create quality mockups and prototypes on tight timelines
  • Assist with troubleshooting as issues arise
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies
  • Promote usability best practices


Important Attributes, Leadership, and Teamwork

  • Experience selling digital products (not required, but helpful)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong writing skills 
  • Ability to prioritize well and oversee several projects at the same time
  • Good at sharing a vision to enlist the  team to do whatever it takes to accomplish project outcomes
  • Self-Leadership skills
  • Leadership skills in communication, and team collaboration


Necessary Technical Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS and SASS
  • jQuery
  • Ability to read WordPress-based PHP templates
  • Experience working with a Git-based workflow
  • Understanding of basic Gulp task workflow


Desired Technical Skills

  • Semantic HTML
  • Modern CSS standards include: grid, flexbox, responsive images
  • JavaScript ES5+
  • Experience with Twig templating language


Cultural Behaviors and Team-wide Standards

  • Self-motivated and strong self-starter, proactively taking initiative to make consistent progress and achieve results in their role
  • Flexible and able to change roles and "wear multiple hats" as needed to drive outcomes and support the team
  • Coachable and able to change attitudes and modify behavior to work better with the team
  • High transparency and open information sharing, across all roles and functions
  • Demonstrates the Company's principles and values through behavior
  • Strong team playing to meet team outcomes
  • Strong people skills, demonstrated by actively cultivating resilient relationships with mutual high regard and trust
  • Extremely responsive in all communications, especially to other team members

Note this is an entry-level subcontracting position for an agency. 

In case Peeves is hiding the application, you can also access it here.