Apply to work with Spellbinding Launches

Intern/ Jr Tech VA


Spellbinding Launches brews a magical blend of strategy, management, and implementation to create an unforgettable launch experience for our clients! We also add a dash of proven holistic business models, a pinch of signature systems, a sprinkle of simple, streamlined, and effective marketing strategies, and a healthy dose of heart-centered tactics so our clients can take their businesses to new heights with each and every offer.


The MAGIC ingredients that make Spellbinding Launches so uniquely powerful...


  • Mission-Focused
  • Amplifying Impact
  • Growing Positive Outcomes
  • Inspiring Confidence
  • Coach and Course Creators’ Dream



Looking for a beginner VA who wants to learn all the things and maybe has an extra interest in the tech side of this virtual world.  We are open to a minimum of 10 hour/month retainer, but really this position to start may only be  1-2 hours per week.  The position is task-oriented and very open to growth.  Our team is growing quickly and we are looking for someone who loves to communicate, loves to learn, loves to be a part of an open and transparent team, and loves to jump in and help where they see they can.  All software can be taught, but if you know Ontraport and ClickUp, you'll be ahead of the curve. 



  • Update Funnels
    • Load emails
    • Setup Automations/ Workflows
    • Test delivery/fulfillment before funnels or order forms go live
    • Adjust product pricing during sales
  • Integrations
    • Integrate products and funnels in software like Zapier
  • Follow, create and update tech SOPs
  • Courses
    • Upload and update content in the client’s course platforms (Usually in WordPress.)
  • Livestream/webinar support


REQUIREMENTS (experience, hard & soft skills)

  • Comfortable with technology and willing to put in the work to make it “work”
  • Creative problem solver willing to tackle any technical challenge 
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Immense pride in making sure that no one identifies a technical issue before you do
  • Collaborative team member willing to give feedback on opportunities to improve the overall tech experience
  • Ability to turn around assigned tasks quickly 

Note this is an entry-level subcontracting position for an agency. 

In case Peeves is hiding the application, you can also access it here.