We appreciate your interest in Launch Strategy, Management, & Implementation Support.

If you’re here, that means you are an amazing coach, consultant, or online service provider who’s looking for support services for their next big program or course launch.

This fitting call is to see if you and Jen are a good fit to work with her and/or her team for your next launch.  It is for people familiar with Jen and Spellbinding Launches and who are ready to hire for launch services.  (If you are not familiar with our offers, services, or pricing, please review https://spellbindinglaunches.com/services/ first.)

We are not a lead generation or an advertising agency. We strategize, manage, and implement high-converting funnels that leverage your existing traffic (email list and social media connections) We do not manage Facebook ads or any paid traffic.

NOTE: Done-For-You services are available on a limited basis for advanced business owners looking to outsource their launches.  If you primarily need more leads or your annual business revenue is below $500,000, do not book a call. Instead, please consider an intensive or a project plan from the shop.

We look forward to getting to know you better!