At The Spellbinding Marketing Systems,

We believe in amplifying visions by leveraging technology and marketing automation.

It takes more than flashy technology software to run a business these days.

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As coaches and creatives, it’s easy to stay head down in your work and ignore your own business - because that is not what lights you up.

You think that pouring your heart and soul into your customers and clients will be enough to bring in more revenue, but the truth is - it is limiting you and holding back your business from success

That’s where Spellbinding Marketing Systems come in.

We are a source for finding the holes in your business model so you can create and implement the right marketing strategies, sales funnels and client acquisition systems to scale your business!

Every business needs a Technology Wizard with a deep understanding of marketing strategies that support your business and your clients!

We “speak” all the systems. We believe in sending love and building connections. We want to take the dirty work off your plate so you can best serve your customers and clients.

We help you make more money, take on more clients, set up systems that save you time so you can cut the busy work and run your business with a little more fun!

Meet your headmistress!

I’m Jen Levitz - your customer-centered marketing systems strategist.

Once upon a time, there was a man and a virtual assistant who loved each other very much.
*Spoiler Alert: I was the Virtual Assistant*

We got married in 2005, and shortly after, the wife of our best man needed support for her coaching business!

I excitedly accepted the challenge and worked moonlighting as a right-hand woman for many 6- & 7-figure business owners while balancing multiple corporate jobs as a web developer, database administrator, Executive Assistant, & Buyer/Planning at a manufacturing company!

In 2013, I fell into an Online Business Manager role, moved my client to Ontraport, and ultimately sparked my love-affair for all things marketing automation.


And they all lived happily ever after!

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Imagine taking your customers and clients through an enchanted experience filled with the love of your mission, the magic of your services, and the charm of your value.

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