Hoping to make it through your next launch without it sucking the life out of you and your team?

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The 7 Deadly Horcruxes That Will Sabotage Your Next Launch

Keep Your Soul (and Your Goals!) Intact by
Side-Stepping These Costly Mistakes

We get it. Launches are a HUGE deal
for the success of your business.

They are also a massive undertaking.

...And if you’re not careful, they can suck the life out of you and your team faster than a dementor can drain the soul of an unsuspecting muggle.

Simply knowing that launches leave you lifeless doesn’t help you though. You need a way to avoid those lethal launch mistakes lurking in the shadows.

This is precisely why I conjured this guide into existence.

Climb aboard my broom as we take a 10,000-foot look at your next launch and allow me to point out the 7 Deadly Horcruxes you need to destroy ASAP. I promise I’m an expert flyer!


This FREE Guide Will Not Only Help You Avoid
the Deadly Traps that Can Obliterate Your Next Launch.

It will also...

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Help you focus your launch magic in the right direction (from the offer to the execution)

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Give you insight into the metrics you need to know

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Allow you to better understand what your team needs during launch

Whether you’re an experienced wizard with years of launch magic in your spellbook or you’re just stepping off of the Hogwarts Express for the first time, this guide with help ensure your next launch is as enchanting and ease-filled as possible.

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I’m Jen Levitz,

your customer-centered systems strategist and launch wizard.

With a bit of magic and years of experience working with top 7 & 8-figure information marketers and coaches, I help mission-driven, service-based entrepreneurs build solid business structures that are sustainable, scalable, and always customer-centric. Allowing my clients to serve more people, make more money, work fewer hours, and genuinely have more fun in their businesses.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been connected with the coaching industry both as a coach and a behind-the-scenes wizard of high-level coaches and online marketers. I have a deep passion for sharing what I’ve learned and for making my expertise available to fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs as they launch their transformative offers!

I believe that launches don't need to be overwhelming or impersonal. My goal is always to leverage the most efficient online technology and personalized strategies to create an enchanted experience for you and your clients where everything in your launch magically comes together — at least, it will feel like magic to you.

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